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Why do cats attack pregnant woman? why not children or the father or any other family member during pregnancy?

Why do cats attack pregnant woman
Why do cats attack pregnant woman

actually, There are times when a family is much more than just parents, children, and relatives. A lot of people think of their pets as part of the family.

So, when a family is getting bigger because of a pregnancy, the pets need to be taken into account.

When certain things are taken into account, it is safe to be pregnant with a cat.

During the months a woman is carrying her baby, extended family may be able to help with pet care if needed.

Even though some animals can be dangerous for pregnant women, if they know what to look for and take action, mom and baby can stay safe.

Can cats sense a woman’s pregnancy?

Kate Mornement is an animal behaviorist who has helped a number of new and soon-to-be parents with similar problems. She says that from what she has seen, pets do seem to know when their owners are expecting.

“Because cats and dogs have such a great sense of smell, they may be able to smell the hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy,” says Dr. Mornement.

“They also probably hear the baby’s heartbeat in the late stages of pregnancy because their hearing is so good.”

Why do cat attack pregnant woman?

There are several reasons that make a cat attack pregnant women:

Smell of hormones

Cats like the smell of hormones, so they may attack women who are pregnant. Hormones are chemicals that tell the body to grow and reproduce, among other things, it is the cause why do cats attack pregnant woman, but not every time.

All animals have them, including humans and cats. When a woman is pregnant, her body makes more of a hormone called progesterone.

This hormone is in charge of keeping the pregnancy going. It’s also more common in the first three months of pregnancy when miscarriage risk is highest.

Cats have a good sense of smell and can pick up on very small amounts of the hormone progesterone. This is why they are drawn to women who are pregnant.

Attraction can sometimes lead to aggression.

Behavioral issues

Behavioral issues can be the reason why do cats attack pregnant woman in a lot of cases.

Any animal that acts aggressively is trying to scare off another animal or person. It’s not easy to figure out why cats get mean. It can be hard to figure out what makes people angry and who they are angry at.

There are studies on cats show that 27% of cats that end up in shelters are there because of how they act. When a cat finds out that its owner is pregnant, it can sometimes change how it acts.

It can sometimes act dangerously toward the person who owns it.

Cats always do the same thing. They hate anything new. Fear is one of the reasons why cats can be mean to women who are pregnant.

The feeling of abandonment or neglect

Why do cats attack pregnant woman - neglect or sadness are causes
Why do cats attack pregnant woman – neglect or sadness are causes

Why do cats attack pregnant women? Are they paying enough attention to notice differences? Do they notice a change in how you feel and act?

He probably feels like no one cares about him, and he wants to fight back. After all, he’s been a good friend, and now you’ve turned your back on him.

Cats are sensitive animals that can smell the pheromones that are made when a woman is pregnant.

He feels ignored and left out which can push him to become aggressive.

If he doesn’t get the personal attention he’s used to, he’ll shake things up—maybe literally.

He has decided that the best time to get even is when his pregnant owner is trying to sleep at night.

He won’t care that his pregnant owner might have diabetes. He’ll bite and scratch her feet.

But these rude wake-ups in the middle of the night should get him the attention he wants.

Territorial aggression

Most cats exhibit territorial actions. Most of the time, a cat’s territorial aggression is aimed at other cats, but it can also be aimed at people.

Cats attack pregnant women because they are afraid and anxious because they can feel that something is going to change.
They are angry and in pain from constant stress, and they don’t want their pregnant owner in their space. They can go from following and hissing to scratching and biting.

He blames the fact that his owner is pregnant for all of his problems. He is, however, willing to keep in touch with other family members.

It’s because they don’t change how the cat’s owner is changing while she’s pregnant.

A cat that is territorially aggressive is often brave and won’t think twice about lunging at its expected owner just to make her feel bad for making him angry.

He is afraid of change

Your cat can tell that things have changed. Cats attack pregnant women because they know things will only get worse for them. They have already seen their human owner go through one pregnancy.

They know what to do, and it’s not a good sign. They know that when a woman is pregnant, she tends to pay more attention to herself than usual.

They also know that when the baby comes, they will get even less attention.

Why do cats attack women who are pregnant? Cats have different personalities, and they can be jealous and mean to their owners when they are pregnant.

He knows that there is someone else in the picture, and he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t want anyone else to have your love.

Fear or stress

Why do cats attack pregnant woman - fear
Why do cats attack pregnant woman – fear or stress

Fear or stress is also a familiar reason why do cats attack pregnant woman, It’s pretty common for cats to be mean to people. Fear is one of the things that can make cats act mean toward people.

Fear in a cat can come from both its genes and its environment.

When a cat sees something that makes it feel scared, it gets mean.

Of course, a cat’s genes and the things that happened to it when it was young can affect whether or not it is aggressively afraid.

You may be a threat to the cat’s peace of mind because you are pregnant.

You used to work all day, but now you’re at home with your partner, and the place seems too small for the two of you.

When someone is angry because they are scared, they may have bigger pupils, flatten their ears, and hiss or spit.
Stress can be bad for a cat and cause him to feel pain all the time. When cats are in pain, they may act meanly toward their people. They might do aggressive actions.

A stressed-out, aggressive cat can be dangerous and cause a pregnant woman serious cuts that could get infected. When a pregnant woman lives with an angry or stressed-out cat, it can be dangerous.

He’s upset with the person who made him feel stressed and in pain.

If your cat acts like this, you should always stay calm and not yell at it. It can make your cat act even worse. Professional help should be sought for very aggressive behavior.

Signs of aggressive cat during pregnancy

Signs of aggressive cat during pregnancy
Why do cats attack pregnant woman – Signs of aggressive cat during pregnancy
  • Trying to hide or avoid you. Dr. Ley says, “They might even move next door for a while.”
  • Unpredictable need to pee (like Keith). Dr. Mornement says that cats may urinate on the pregnant owner’s side of the bed to try to cover up the new smell with their own.
  • Aggression or irritability, such as hissing or scratching.
  • Overgrooming that can lead to patches of hair loss.
  • Digestive issues like diarrhea, constipation, or loss their appetite.

How to stop your cat from attacking during pregnancy?

Give your cat some extra love

Why do cats attack pregnant woman - Give your cat some extra love
Why do cats attack pregnant woman – Give your cat some extra love

If you change your cat’s usual routines, like not letting them share your bed at night, it’s important to give them new, regular things to do together.

“From a cat’s point of view, there might be 30 things you do every day that you don’t think much about, but he does,” says Dr. Gowan.

“This could be as simple as you putting food in his bowl or sitting on the toilet and petting him.”

“If you take away one interaction, you have to make up for it with another.”

This could be as easy as giving your cat a little chin scratch every time you walk by or taking more time to pet or groom it.
Dr. Ley says that if your cat is anxious, you should add a new 15-minute interaction at a certain point in the day’s routine. For instance, make sure you have time to play after dinner.

this helps the cat know when it will be time for him or her.

Take care of his health



Taurine is an amino acid that cats need to keep their hearts and eyes healthy. The food you give your cat or kitten should be well-balanced for its age.

Taurine is found in foods that are well-balanced. You will always need to give your cat clean, fresh water, and you will need to wash and fill its water bowl every day.

Other tips

You’ll never wonder why do cats attack pregnant woman if you follow these tips:

  • provide daily fresh water.
  • clean his skin.
  • check his teeth daily.
  • use a cat carrier in the car.
  • take him to a vet if needed.


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